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Nursing Care Services in Mumbai | Being Human Palliative Care Center

Nursing care centre in Mumbai

1. Dietician service : A complete food plan is taken into a consideration after consulting with dietician .No extra cost is incurred for this.

2. Role of Physiotherapist : Exercises which are suitable for your patient are taught to our nursing staff after consultation with Physiotherapist again no extra cost is incurred for this

3. Time duration : The benefit of our centre services can be taken from minimum Two weeks to one month or onwards.

4. We provide Home cooked food to all our patients which is hygienically prepared.

5. We provide patients with water bed to prevent bed sores.

6. We have trained staff who can take care of wound ulcers ,administration of drugs & medicines as per physicians advice.

7. Facilities for I.V. administration, catheterization, ascitic tapping, sponge bath ect are available .

8. Eye care, oral care & perennials care is available.

9. On request expert Doctors opinion can be arranged.

10. All above things are done in a totally friendly & family atmosphere.